Tras haber hecho algunos pequeños trámites con gente de la Universidad Estatal de San Francisco, esta mañana platiqué largamente con el Director de CECyTEA, Juan Antonio Arroyo Rodríguez, a quien le pareció aplicable la idea de crear un taller de periodismo ciudadado en los panteles de la ciudad. Por lo pronto, procedo a dar la noticia al Dr. Mini Kahlon, quien es el Director de Innovación en la SUSF.

Para que uetsdes lleven registro del asunto, aquí publico lo que he platicado con las personas de la Universidad de San Francisco.

From: jazapata
To: Mini Kahlon
Subject: Re: podcasting to 10th grade students
Date: Wed, 12/28/2005 - 12:13pm

I'ts good to hear that...

The institute I'm planning to work with is the CECyTEA (College of Cientific and Technology Studies in Aguascalientes). My plan is to "teach" podcasting in two parts: Technical requirements to podcast and; What to tell. We are designing -my wife and I- a plan for the students to teach them this in maybe in a week, on one hour sessions. Obviously, tha plan must be related to contents and programs according to the CECyTEA's plans, but the thing is that the students can learn to 'report' the 'news' from around the installations of the school, and teachers, and needs to improve the educational process. Something like 'student journalism'.

I'm a moderator on the Ourmedia. And using that, I can let the students to add their audios and feeds without the problem of paying a fee for the use of bandwidth and space (in is free), and we can focus on quality.

Maybe I'll start this project in middle january. I'd like to hear more from your project and, of course, collaborate and work together.

Jose Antonio Zapata


> Hi Jose
> I'm getting 10th grade students - 60% of who are latino, many from Mexico - all interested in math and science - to create a podcasting channel. As you get your podcasting project up and going in Mexico, it may be fun to do something together. This is the web-site of the organization I work with:
> Let me know your thoughts ... The students I work with are all top of their class in the American public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it doesn't mean they're all very well prepared. But they all have a passion in or do well in Math and Science. Their podcast will be around math and science.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Mini Kahlon
> Maninder Kahlon, Ph.D.
> Director, Innovation
> Level Playing Field Institute


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